What makes Aubrey unique?

Welcome to the What Makes Aubrey Unique section of the website. Let’s get to it. What does make Aubrey unique from all the other insurance brokers out there? If you have not read the section titled “Why Should You Care,” we suggest you read that section first and then come back to this one.

We’ve answered who is Aubrey Allred. We’ve answered why should you (the business owner or decision maker of your companies insurance benefits care). Now why is Aubrey Allred unique?

Is it because he is the Guru when you the business owner or decision maker for your company’s insurance benefits don’t just need answers and solutions? Anybody can give those to you. What you desperately are in search of and must have in this craziness we call the business world today is someone who for over 30 years gets your pain for all things insurance!!

Obviously it isn’t all just premiums and benefits. You might be thinking “yes Aubrey, that’s all it is about. What do we pay and what do we get?” Of course those are two very important factors. However, as I have said on the “Why Should You Care” page, if your broker has convinced you that’s all there is, he or she is nothing more than a “Quote Machine.”

If your company is changing brokers or wish you did as often as you put gas in your car, I can guarantee you there’s so much more that can and should be done for you and your people! You might be thinking “ok Aubrey, maybe your right. Maybe there is more than can or should be done for me and my people, but what’s that going to cost? Anytime I hear something like this from our broker or brokers or insurance company’s, it’s some lame excuse to charge us more and deliver less!! And quote frankly Aubrey, we don’t have the time or inclination or the budget to care.” I completely understand. At the end of this section, I have a free report which I will make available to you titled “The 7 Things a Business Can Do Starting Today to Save Money on Your Insurance Benefits and Why Your Current Broker Doesn’t Want You to Know About Them.” Just provide your email in the subscription box in the upper right hand corner of this website.  It’s that simple!

Has your current broker or if you have to work with more than one because one only does group health, one only does workers comp., and one only does voluntary insurance, has he, she, or they ever come to your place of business to fully explain and answer all questions that you and your people have about all the benefits and features that you offer to the employees? Or do they just show up at renewal time to tell you how high your premiums are going up and they expect you to just keep doing business that way? Have they come after or before normal business operating hours? Do they encourage you and the team of employees to actually call them (the broker) when they need help? If they do, did the broker follow up? What about a booklet of benefits explanations that each employee receives covering all their benefits and there wasn’t any additional cost for this to them or the company? You might be thinking “Aubrey, my people receive their policies and cards and the broker makes sure they get them” and that’s nice (and here comes the but), but does the broker prepare and specifically design for your company an easy to read booklet that he or she hand out at employee meetings that fully and completely peel back the “confusion curtain” of insurance benefits? Does the broker go through it with them and answer their questions so that not only do they (the employees) understand what they have in benefits and features (here comes another but), but now appreciate what the company does for them and really feels good about the insurance at your company?

Does your broker or brokers have on their website a password protected clients only tab that will provide 800#’S for you and the employee that if you need to will connect you to the insurance company direct? You say “Aubrey, we can get the 800#’s when we need it” or “I know just where to get it, I have it written down so the employee can ask me.” I know you want to help your people, but if they could have a special place on a website to get that, you would be freed up from the time it would take you to do that. How about a special link to your insurance carrier for any and all forms that you and your employees would need?

What about wellness articles such as breast cancer, ADHD, Bipolar disorder, Diabetes, and high blood pressure? Does your current broker have a website with a password protected for clients only tab where you and the employee can read these types of articles plus so much more? Would it be helpful to the wellness of your people to have this information literally at their fingertips and not have to Google it?

Does your current broker or brokers not only give you and your people their phone number and e-mail[here comes another but] but also sends you special articles and content specifically hand picked for their interests and hobbies and health through e-mail that will get and keep them involved in the usage and appreciation of the insurance benefits, that the company does for their behalf?

For you the business owner and decision maker for your companies insurance, does your broker or brokers really shop each year on your behalf to the market place for the right mix of benefits, features, add ons, and truly customize the insurance package, for you that the company can afford and your people will appreciate, and it’s not costing more and offering less? Because isn’t that what most brokers do? Do you like that? Or are you so fed up and used to it you grab another Advil, take a deep breath, sign the paper work for another year and say “thank God that’s over, how are we going to sell less benefits or more premiums with less service to the employees this year?” Then it’s on to the next alligator or gorilla or 800 pound elephant staring at you in the face. Aubrey takes the Advil so you won’t have to. His firm provides the website links, articles, and insurance booklets, all in person. Also, he usually gives away gas cards, restaurant gift certificates, and movie passes while the employees learn about their new benefits and broker (Aubrey). He and his people explain the benefits in the easy to read booklet each receives the day of the meeting. Did we forget to mention this is NO COST to you or your people benefit? We do this for all of our members and we have never had any complaints about free gas, free food or free movies. The employees are totally engaged in the fun and they learn and enjoy their time of benefit education. Imagine the good will and PR that the company will get from just this one member get together!

How often does your current broker or if you have multiple brokers do all this for you and your people? We have a personalized client page on the website, free gas, movies, or food giveaways free to you and your people. There are updated articles on the client only page of our website that are regularly updated. We customize benefit plans just for your company and there are special times through-out the year we have additional freebie giveaways that you and your people will love.

If he or she or they aren’t doing any of these things that we have described to you, and if any of this sounds great and unbelievable, and you would really like to have this kind of relationship with your insurance broker CALL us at 817-545-6150. For a personal appointment you can also e-mail Aubrey at [email protected]

I (Aubrey) really do get your pain and we (my firm) believe in doing things so different and throw in having fun for your people so they will say thank you to you and your company. We believe it’s all about you and your employees’ wants and wishes. When was the last time your current broker or brokers did any of this for you?[insert laughter here] because chances are they don’t!!

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