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“We are so happy with our selections and he is STILL educating us…

I spent the majority of my working career in corporate America, until I turned 65 and hit retirement. Medicare showed up and along with a ton of marketing hype coming at me about Part A, Part B, Advantage, and Supplement Medicare options. The list of options seemed to go on forever, becoming an impossible MAZE  to find my way through. I wanted a trustworthy professional I could talk to one-on-one about my needs and the best option for me. Aubrey Allred was that professional! Yes, he offers insurance of all flavors, but ‘sell’ is not the accurate word for what he does. You see, he helps novice Medicare eligible people get what they NEED and nothing more than that. He patiently spent a great deal of time with me because I was clueless as to what I needed. We are so happy with our selections and he is STILL educating us! If you’re like me and need someone to actually trust to help you through the Medicare maze, you should call no one other than Aubrey Allred! You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover a Medicare expert who actually CARES about getting you what you need and is not interested in just selling you something.”

Kevin Wright

Call now 817-545-6150 or Toll Free At 1-800-206-9050

Medicare benefits are complicated but still critical to the long-term health and financial strength of seniors. 

When you retire at age 65, you’re statistically likely at the phase of life where health costs skyrocket as your income plummets. 

Medicare insurance can be the solution to covering health costs as you age so you can enjoy a longer, healthier and happier life.

“His Recommendation Fit Our Needs Perfectly…

We totally loved Aubrey’s teaching heart in consulting us on our policy needs! He was extremely patient and thorough in searching for the right policy to fit our needs. He was very knowledgeable about the different policies available to us and his recommendations fit our needs perfectly. He saved us a ton of money and he even followed up with us afterwards to make sure everything was working properly and that we had received all policy information we needed! We will use Aubrey and his team for any other policy needs without question. He is highly professional and knows his business. We recommend you choose Aubrey Allred Jr. Insurance too!”

Ronnie and Patsy Morrison

Call now 817-545-6150 or Toll Free At 1-800-206-9050