Why should you care?

So, why should you care who Aubrey Allred is? You’re probably asking yourself “isn’t he like any other insurance broker?” To be blunt NO!! Now you’re thinking “this is all about who brings us the best price and the best insurance benefits!!” That’s the number 1 obvious answer. However, there’s so much more to consider. Your company is either staying with the same broker year after year hoping he or she understands the tight rope the company walks between offering the best available benefits and features, and having all of that come together so the employees’ really do appreciate what they are given, or you’re certain the broker is giving you “the best deal.”

But, if that’s all he or she is doing have you ever wandered if they could or would do more? Now you’re thinking “come on Aubrey, our broker brings us the best price. What more is there? I’ve got a company to run” or “we have more than enough to do everyday year round other than insurance benefits. I only want to deal with this at renewal!” “If it’s the best price that’s it, we move on.” If that truly is what it’s all about then my firm is asking right now for the opportunity to give you multiple quotes on your group health, your voluntary insurance benefits, dental, vision, workers comp. alternative all things insurance.

At this point, you might be saying “wait a minute Aubrey; we believe we get the best price for the benefits we offer our people.” Maybe you do, but if that’s all your broker is doing is giving you the best price, they’re more of a “quote machine” than a broker that understands you, your people, and offers many services to your company or fellow employees’ that they could use, all as a truly NO COST BENEFIT to the company and your people. “Aubrey, our broker is giving us everything we ask for.” Again I say maybe they are, but what if there’s more? And yes, there is much more a broker can and should do without you having to ask for it. You may not know about all of these extremely valuable services that are truly value added and unique. Don’t you want to know what the services and benefits are? Aren’t you a little curious to find out what benefits and services could have your people coming to you and saying Thank You? “These insurance benefits are so different and have value for me!” When was the last time they did that? (Insert laughter here) Well, they probably haven’t. Maybe because your current broker hasn’t done anything to get them excited and engaged about your companies benefits. Or maybe you don’t know what is available that would make your team of employees’ smile so big all day that when they get home, their wife or husband will think they played hooky from work, because there’s no way they could be that happy about their insurance benefits at work!!

Really? CALL us at 817-545-6150 or e-mail us at [email protected].  If you want more information, go to the What Makes Aubrey Unique tab. Click on it and ANSWERS WILL BE REVEALVED AND SOLUTIONS WILL BE GIVEN!!!